ShotGrid 帮助中心


Your ShotGrid Support Team has relocated!

To submit a support ticket, navigate to the Autodesk Knowledge Network support page. Authorized Users will have access to the entire ecosystem of Support specialists and resources.

We understand that change sometimes takes time. For a transitional period, you can now also view your previous ShotGrid tickets in the legacy ShotGrid Support Portal. Tickets will appear in a read-only format and will not serve as a portal to support. This functionality is available for a limited time only, so please take steps to transition as soon as possible.

For site outage updates, visit the ShotGrid Status Site.

We look forward to assisting you!


准备提高您工作室的工作效率?我们的用户手册介绍了如何使用 ShotGrid、Toolkit 和 RV 来配置强大的制作管理和审核工作流。



想要开发适用于 ShotGrid、Toolkit 或 RV 的应用?请查看我们的全面框架,并使用我们的教程了解如何构建高效的工作流。